March 14, 2018

Linden Lab reduces Second Life land prices, doubles free tier

It's rare that you hear good news from Linden Lab these days. Usually I'm logging onto "Server maintenance do not rez valuable junk" or "Concierge & billing support are down due to too much booze." But today I was greeted with a notice in the SL Commerce Group that Linden Lab has lowered tier prices by 10%! But even cooler is that they've DOUBLED the amount of "free" tier included with Premium accounts from 512m to 1024m.

For me personally, that's really helpful. I was about 1 month away from selling 1/2 my land due to that extra $5/month charge. I really wasn't getting a lot of benefit from it other than the extra prims. But now I don't have to! YAY!

Thanks Lindens!

For details see: Mainland tier allotment and pricing changes (March 2018)

March 10, 2018

$99L punk chic outfit from FurtaCor

FurtaCor Wanessa
By now you should know that I LOVE to find fashion bargains. There are so many good designers in Second Life that do such amazing work. One of my fave bargain shops is FurtaCor. While most of their outfits are template-based, the textures that owner/designer Marinahh Mayako applies to them are often just plain out of this world. Plus, FurtaCor often comes out with a style that only shows up a month or two later.

Anyway, today's gem from is Wanessa -- a crazy belted sweat-skirt with a sort of sharkskin shirt tied at the waist. Crazy combo but it totally works and looks freaking awesome. Oh and the boots, again very nice, are included too.

Just click on the detail piccy below and see if you're not blown away.

Now the kicker. The entire outfit including the boots is only $99L at the FurtaCor mainstore. If you are a group member, it's 15% off  so only $85L. Wow. Just wow. I'm doing my happy dance!

I'm wearing Lumae Eirtae Freckle skin and Truth Astra hair.

Anyway, here's your linky to the store.

SLURL to FurtaCor & LaPerla

Waness Belt Detail

February 21, 2018

Second Life inventory clean-up

I can't believe it but I finally did it. Got rid of at least 90% of my old system clothing inventory. There is no going back. Yours truly is now fully committed to her Maitreya Lara mesh body, applier clothing and mesh clothing. I even tried on a few of my old fave outfits with my system self and OMG. They just looked sad. So bye-bye almost 30K in items! It's kinda cathartic in a way. OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW!

Oh and I have a really hot new avatar look I've been working on. It's for special occasions. Watch this space.

My blogging absence

I had great ambitions over a month ago about doing a "freebie a day" series. Well personal issues, work and other stuffs just got in the way. Maybe I'll get around to it, maybe not. Regardless, have fun out there.

December 24, 2017

A Dollarbie a Day (Day 1)

Well those who know me inworld or follow my bloggie know that I love shopping for bargains. Recently I went down a longgggg rabbit hole on the SL Marketplace following the scent of inexpensive outfits! And wow, did I find some cool ones. Now these aren't all strictly $1L -- some are as much as $25L (heh). So the idea here is to post up one outfit / item per day (assuming I remember). No photo retouching on any of these, what you see is what you get.

Pretty Swirl Dress by Pretty September (Mesh)

Not a fan of the name but the dress is super cute! The shading is top notch, the floral print is highly detailed and the bow is just is totally precious in a good way.

Yep, it's only $1L and comes in sizes for many popular mesh bodies as follows:
  • Belleza Isis
  • Belleza Venus
  • Classic Avatars (alpha included)
  • eBody
  • Freya
  • Maitreya Lara
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Slink Physique
Back view
This has quickly become a fave of mine.

 Hair is Roxanna by Truth, skin is Eirtae by Lumae.



November 9, 2017

My new fave hair by Truth - Makena

OK, OK. A friend just reminded me that it's been forever since I blogged about anything. Well, sad to say, my real life has overtaken my SL. From traveling to work, life has been hectic. Anyway, this is overdue but better late than never I guess.
So I'm not a huge fan of all mesh hair. They generally look like you've maxed out the gel or hair spray because they don't move. It's a bit weird to have some long flowing hairstyle that looks plastered to your body. HOWEVER, there are some advantages. For one, those long flowing tresses can be rigged so they don't cut through your body. And for another, they're super easy to retexture, color or style. Simply show/hide a meshy part and poof, you have a whole new look.
Truth's October Gift (see it is overdue since it's now November) for VIP members is everything a good mesh hair can possibly be. It's HUD-driven with hundreds of color options. It comes with a Styling HUD for about 20 different looks. AND, you can change the color on the hair bands with yet another HUD. So here we go with a bunch of photos of Makena by Truth!
Makena with one front wisp

Makena with two front wisps

Makena pulled back

Makena front wisps and pony tails over front.
NOTE that head position will cause hair to move into shoulder.

Makena back view with hairbands (twin ponytails)

Makena buns

Makena in pink from pastel HUD

Hair bands colored via HUD
With the exception of the over the front look where the hair can disappear into your body, everything about Makena is super well done as one can expect from Truth. If you aren't a VIP member, you should be. For only $350L, the monthly gift hairs are well worth the cost of joining!

July 1, 2017

Second Life explodes!

OK, OK. Teaser head I know. But long-time resident and builder, Marianne McCann, just put on the most amazing fireworks show! Accompanied by music from GoSpeed Racer, everyone on the Livingtree sim was treated to an incredible display of particles, exploding things, light fountains and what have you. The pictures here really don't capture the movement and light changes that consistently bombarded my screen. From Canadian flags to rainbows and gorgeous light fountains, it was a treat. :) Enjoy.